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My Availability

Local and Global Virtual Sessions (online)

For virtual sessions, I am available every day, including weekends, with the last session concluding by 8 PM (West Australian time). These sessions offer flexibility and convenience, allowing us to connect no matter where you are.

Face-to-face Sessions

Weekdays (Monday to Friday)
Available for face-to-face sessions throughout the day, concluding by 7 PM. I carefully plan my schedule to include adequate travel time between appointments, ensuring timely and effective sessions.

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
Face-to-face sessions are available until 5 PM. The schedule is thoughtfully arranged to consider travel time needed between locations.

Tailored Scheduling
I am committed to accommodating your scheduling needs as best as I can. If you have specific requirements or preferences, please feel free to discuss them with me. My goal is to maintain a balanced and considerate schedule that respects the needs of both my clients and myself, fostering a calm and attentive environment for our sessions.

Note:In addition to session time, I also integrate breaks and personal reflection time into my schedule. This approach ensures that each session is delivered with the highest level of focus and care.

Ready to Embark on Your Spiritual Journey?

Explore a path of self-discovery and inner peace. Contact me today to schedule your session, tailored to your individual journey and schedule.

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Why Choose Duc-Minh Pham for Your Spiritual Guidance?

Drawing from two decades of dedicated study and practice in spiritual growth, Duc-Minh Pham offers a unique blend of meditation, mindfulness, and personal growth techniques. Whether it's a face-to-face session in Perth or an online meeting, you're in capable hands.