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Session Locations

Local and Global Virtual Sessions (online)
Embrace the opportunity for spiritual guidance accessible from anywhere—be it the heart of Perth or halfway across the world. Through our Virtual Sessions, facilitated by platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, I welcome both local and international spiritual seekers.

This service is designed with both my local Perth community and international friends in mind, offering you the utmost in convenience and flexibility.

Note: Setting up and testing the virtual connection (video and audio) with myself must be completed at least 24 hours before the session begins, so that all technical issues can be sorted beforehand, and the session can start and finish on time.

Home Comforts
I am available for sessions in your own home if you are located within a 10 km radius of the Perth CBD (central business district). This option ensures a familiar and comfortable environment for our spiritual journey.

Public Spaces
Choose serene public spaces like parks and beaches. These natural, peaceful settings are ideal for enhancing our spiritual work. Hyde Park, Queens Park, Kings Park, and Matilda Bay are some beautiful locations near the CBD, but you can choose any location within 10 km of the CBD. I will bring comfortable folding chairs, and and we will sit in a shady area..

Private Meeting Spaces (Additional Cost)
For all clients, and particularly for those outside the 10 km radius of the Perth CBD, we can utilise rented rooms in libraries, community centres, and commercial offices. These spaces provide a neutral and private setting, ideal for undisturbed and focused sessions. If you reside more than 10 km away from the Perth CBD, we can meet at a mutually convenient location within this 10km radius.

Note: The cost for renting meeting rooms generally ranges from $40 to $65 per hour, which will be an additional expense. I will identify the nearest available meeting room to your preferred location and provide you with the specific rental cost. You can then decide whether to book the room for a 2-hour session, bearing in mind this additional cost.

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Begin your journey with our initial sessions that lay the groundwork for self-awareness and mindfulness. Each session is crafted to guide you towards a deeper understanding of your inner self and to establish a practice that fosters spiritual well-being. Experience the serenity of becoming present and the empowerment of embracing your path to enlightenment.