Follow-Up Sessions (optional)

Follow-up sessions are completely flexible and responsive to your needs and interests. In each 1-hour session, you have the freedom to choose any combination of the following aspects, or even all three, to create a session that best supports your spiritual journey:

Deepening Spiritual Connection
Continue exploring teachings and practices from our initial session, deepening your understanding in a way that aligns with your current path.

Spiritual Counseling
Bring any spiritual concerns or questions for discussion. This is your time for personalised guidance and exploration, whether it’s meditation, spiritual principles, or viewing life’s challenges through a spiritual lens.

Meditation Practice
Focus on enhancing your meditation skills, including both mindfulness and body awareness, to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness.

The content and structure of each follow-up session are entirely up to you, ensuring that every meeting is tailored to what you find most relevant and beneficial at that moment.

* Follow-up sessions come after the initial 2-hour session

Continue Your Journey of Growth

Ready to delve deeper into your spiritual path? Schedule your follow-up session today or find out more about my pricing and payment options.

Enhancing Your Spiritual Path

My follow-up sessions offer a deeper exploration into your spiritual journey. Tailored to your evolving needs, these sessions provide a space for further growth and reflection. Whether you seek to deepen your meditation practice or require guidance on specific spiritual matters, each session is a unique opportunity to nurture and advance your personal development. Embrace the continuation of your path to mindfulness and inner peace with follow-up sessions.

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