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How I Came To Be A Spiritual Teacher

My spiritual journey began when I was in my early twenties, while I was living and working in Sydney, away from my family and friends in Perth. I had been depressed for a few years, and was feeling intense work-related stress and anxiety. Changing jobs did not alleviate the issues.

I started reading self-help books, which offered a glimmer of relief, yet failed to address the deeper, unresolved turmoil within me. Unable to bear the weight, I returned to Perth after five arduous years.

It was upon my return to Perth that I embarked on a more profound spiritual quest. I delved into spiritual literature and embraced meditation, sought guidance from spiritual mentors, and immersed myself in workshops and retreats. During this time, some profound questions arose in my mind: Should peace be confined only to moments of meditation, or fleeting retreat experiences? Is true tranquility only attainable in the presence of a spiritual guide?

My dedication to a steady spiritual practice revealed a life-changing realisation — I had the power to find peace anywhere and at any time, no matter who I was with (or not with). This deep bond with my core being brought about a period of profound and unwavering serenity, gently easing the intense depression and anxiety that had previously overwhelmed me.

Twenty years into this journey, it became clear: armed with the insights and tranquility I had uncovered, I was poised to guide others beyond their emotional pain, towards an enduring peace. It was then, with a wealth of spiritual wisdom and meditative practice, that I stepped forward to embrace my calling as a spiritual teacher.

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